Children’s Schola Cantorum

The Cathedral of St. Paul is organizing their Children’s Schola Cantorum for 2014-15.  The Children’s Schola Cantorum is open to all families throughout the diocese—you do not need to be a parishioner of St. Paul’s in order for you child to participate.  Please see the following announcement from the choir director:

If you have a child (or children) grade 3 or older who loves to sing, please consider signing them up for the cathedral Children’s Schola Cantorum. The schola (literally “singing school”) teaches the basics of music and singing, as well as how music relates to and is an integral part of the sacred liturgy. The healthy continuance of this choir, supported by your generosity, will help ensure the health of the entire cathedral music program for years to come. Rehearsal is but an hour a week (Wednesdays 4-5PM), so while time commitment is minimal, the learning and fun is priceless! While the schola teaches about the liturgy in a solidly Catholic setting, it is open to children of every parish as well as to non-Catholics and non-Christians, so please invite friends! Anyone interested should contact the Director of Music at, 205.251.1279×107, or simply visit in the organ gallery after the 5PM or 11AM Masses for more information. We hope you will make this ensemble part of your child’s essential spiritual, cultural, and musical formation as a Catholic! Rehearsal begins this Wednesday, September 10, so do not delay: we hope to see you child there this week!

Bruce Ludwick, Jr.
Director of Music and Organist