A Rosary for Priests:
Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection

Jesus arises from the dead and appears to the Apostles.

At times, priests may suffer from depression and despair that plague them when they see so little from their labors.

We pray that priests will remember: the Crucifixion is followed by the Resurrection; darkness is always followed by Light.

We pray that all priests may share the joy of the Risen Christ.

The Ascension

Jesus instructs His Apostles and returns to His Father in Heaven.

We pray that priests may carry out Jesus’ instructions to evangelize the whole world, instructing and baptizing countless souls.

We pray for missionaries who live lives of utter poverty and deprivation to bring the Gospel to all the people.

The Descent of the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost comes down upon the Apostles, who are gathered with Mary.

We pray that priests may be open to the graces of the Holy Ghost to strengthen them for the task of bringing souls to God and God to souls.

We pray that they may be on fire to convert the most hardened sinners, and to bring God’s love to the whole world.

The Assumption

Mary is taken, body and soul, to Heaven.  While she was on earth, she loved and prayed for the Apostles, the first priests.

We pray that priests will be devoted to Mary and find in her the love and comfort of a mother, the most powerful intercession of our greatest Saint, and the surest refuge against Satan and his cohorts who seek destruction of priests and the priesthood.

The Coronation

Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and earth; she is rewarded for her faithfulness to God.

We pray that Mary, Queen of the Clergy, will be their model of faith and joy, and constant guide until they reach Heaven where a crown, jeweled with the many souls entrusted to them on the day of Ordination, will be their reward for the faithful and loving service.