Hand Missals for the
Traditional Latin Mass:
Buyer’s Guide

UVNA recommends the following missals for use at the Traditional Latin Mass:

1962 Missals

Angelus & Baronius Missals

The following 1962 missals have all the text needed to follow along at a Traditional Latin Mass. They include all the parts of the Mass—the Ordinary, the variable parts of the Liturgical Year, the Common of the Saints, and the Proper of the Saints—as they were last promulgated by Pope John XXIII before the Second Vatican Council opened. This is the typical form of the Tridentine Mass currently attended and celebrated by Catholics throughout the world. It is also the missal recognized and approved by Pope Benedict XVI in his motto proprio Summorum Pontificum. Moreover, these missals are particularly valuable because they offer the vernacular translation of every part of the missal alongside the Latin text. Both the Angelus and the Baronius missals are based on the Ideal Missal.

Father John Zuhlsdorf has published helpful reviews of the Angelus and Baronius missals on his blog:

Layman’s Missal

An alternative is the reprint of the 1962 Layman’s Missal, which is less expensive but only includes the propers for Sundays and certain feasts.

1962 Pocket-Sized

Another alternative is the reprint of the 1962 My Sunday Missal. It is recommended to those who want a small, pocket-sized missal.

Other Missals

St. Andrew’s Missal

The following St. Andrew Daily Missal is a 1945 reprint. It differs from the 1962 Missal in that it does not account for all of the liturgical revisions that occurred between 1945 and 1962 (most notably for the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week). Nevertheless, the St. Andrew Missal remains quite versatile. It is a widely popular missal, mainly because it includes a wealth of unrivaled commentaries that are not found in 1962 missals.

St. Joseph Missal

The following St. Joseph Daily Missal is a 1953 reprint.  Therefore, like the St. Andrew Missal, it too cannot account for subsequent liturgical revisions. Additionally, while the missal offers the Latin for the Ordinary of the Mass, the rest of the missal is in English only. The St. Joseph missal is a useful and beloved missal because it includes fabulous, inspiring artwork, as well as a very well designed typeset and layout. For these reasons, it may be especially useful for children who are learning the Mass.

Marian Missal

The following New Marian Missal is a 1958 reprint. Therefore, like the St. Andrew and St. Joseph missals, it lacks all of the liturgical reforms that took place in 1962. However, this missal is also very highly regarded for its superb layout, commentaries, and line art. This is a beautiful missal that has much to offer at a really great price.

Used Missals

Original editions of St. Andrew, St. Joseph, and Marian missals from later publication years can sometimes be found online in used condition (or, if you are fortunate, unused). Other Tridentine missals may also be found, such as the New Roman Missal (a.k.a. Father Lasance Missal), the St. John’s Missal, the St. Paul’s Missal, the JMJ Missal, and the Ideal Missal, to name a few.  Each of these missals has its own unique qualities. It might be nice if you can find an edition that includes the liturgical changes up until 1962.

Sacred Triduum Missal

This paperback missalette provides the revised rites for Holy Week according to the 1962 rubrics. It is a handy compliment for missals that lack the 1955 revisions to Holy Week.

Red Missalettes

The ubiquitous red missalettes seen at Latin Masses contain the Latin and English for the Ordinary of the 1962 Roman Missal. They also include, as examples, the propers for the Mass of Holy Trinity Sunday (so, they are insufficient for reading the propers for any other day of the liturgical year). These widely popular and highly successful missalettes are published by, and may be purchased from, the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei. A Latin-Spanish version is also available.

Since the red missalettes do not contain the variable parts for each day of the liturgical year, our friends from the Windsor, Ontario Latin Mass Community have compiled printable copies of nearly all the propers (including the Latin and English) for the liturgical year and have graciously made them publicly available online.

For Children

Many have asked us if there is a good missal or booklet for children. We recommend the following Marian Children’s Missal and St. Joseph’s Children’s Missal. The Marian in particular has proven to be quite profitable for young Catholics learning the Mass.